Day Trip - Electric Catamaran Boat - West Side Ibiza - Sant Antonio

Come and enjoy the pristine waters around Ibiza on our catamarans that are entirely powered by the elements; the wind and the sun.

Itinerary: From San Antonio we can take you across the west coast of the island. The captain will set sail to show you the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. You can enjoy Cala Tarida's magnificent turquoise waters. The caves and coves of Cala Comte will steal your heart or you will cruise across the CBBC beach club (when we mention all these famous spots we also have in mind all the secret places that we know around which are very often even more exciting).

Sailing to the Northern parts of the island is an experience of its own, with many beautiful spots along with the coast for swimming next to the cliffs and interesting fisherman huts that were built in the most secluded spots. If the wind is right we might even be able to take you to the beautiful arched Margarita Island.

Last but not least you could sail towards the mystic Es Vedra. This special rock holds many stories, one reason more to create a beautiful holiday story yourself right there. However, we do recommend a Day + Sunset Trip for visiting Es Vedra, you want to have time to get there while visiting other spots on the way and also have time to relax, have food, and have fun exploring the area. Lazy from the sun and salt you will end with an epic sunset, watching it from your own solar-powered boat.


The route to choose will depend mainly on the climatic conditions and the plan that you want to do. On the sea, it all depends on the elements at the end of the day ;)
We promise memories that will last a lifetime!



  • Experienced captain
  • A free welcome drink for everyone
  • Superb sound system
  • Shade canopy
  • Masks and snorkels
  • No fuel cost (the sun is free!)


  • Towels
  • Picnic (See Extras)
  • Full fridge (See Extras)
  • Ecological sunscreen (See Extras)
  • Paddleboard


 Sant Antonio Port





Port of Sant Antoni