Winter Sailing Course - WEEKEND

Winter Sailing Course Santa Eularia Ibiza



Price per person: €100 (incl. VAT)

What to expect on the two-day course? Well, about twice as much fun as the one-day course.


We revisit the basics of day one and if there are any day course members starting, maybe see if you can show them how it's done. We go into more depth about the wind, how it fills the sails and makes the boat move and how to capitalize on it. We will touch on more points of sail, tacking and jibing, and their differences. Some light theory behind sailing and navigation, a couple of key points to keep you on course and to know where you are on the map... always handy!


Expect a different route, at least as long as the weather allows it, with a few more direction-changes to explore the differences and techniques of finding your course smoothly. A little about heavy weather and light-wind sailing. Everyone will be having a tickle of the wheel and you will even be shouting commands of your own.


Last but no least, you will also learn how to put a boat to bed nicely. 


2 days - 10 hours

-          Day course revisited 

-          Points of sail 

-          Tacking and jibing

-          The theory behind sailing 

-          Basic navigation theory

-          Helm and crew management 



- Food and Drinks on board


Dock F55 - Port of Santa Eularia