Winter Sailing Course - 1 DAY

Winter Sailing Course Santa Eularia Ibiza



Price per person: €75 (incl. VAT)

In the one-day course, we won't be asking you to do much... the intention is to get stuck in but mostly to get introduced to sailing in a fun way. The idea is for you to take note, observe, get a feel for it and absorb a little of the passion behind seamanship... After all our ancestors traveled by the wind only generations ago and for many generations before that, wouldn't it be nice to learn how!?


How to prepare a boat for the sea is important, whether your the captain or the crew, everyone must take part and understand what needs to be done. This can include tidying the ropes, checking the weather, washing the dishes (if they haven't already been done), and of course, the safety checks.


Once we have left port, one can enjoy the sound of the sea, observe how the sails are raised, set, and sailed, or even grab a hold of the wheel or a winch if you feel confident.

The idea is to have an understanding of what is making the boat move and how to take advantage of it. We guarantee you have a little fun at the same time. 


- Sailing lessons with LBV's most beloved Captain Joe

- 5 hours sailing course 

-          Preparing the vessel for sea

-          Safety checks and weather awareness

-          Hoisting sails, setting sails 

-          Reading the wind

-          Entering harbour 

-          Boat to bed


- Food and Drinks on board


Dock F55 - Port of Santa Eularia